Now Hiring: Team Recruitment & Development Specialist

The Team Recruitment & Development Specialist will be an integral part of the MMP team for recruitment, interviewing, onboarding, employee engagement & education, retention, performance management, and other common HR responsibilities.

We want to hear from you if you have:

•Proven work experience in a similar role

•Excellent Communication Skills

•A team first mentality

•Impeccable Punctuality

•Outstanding organizational skills

Full job description below:

•Create accurate job descriptions complete with the duties, responsibilities and operations of the job to hire the right employees.

•Lead and Facilitate recruitment, application, screening, and interviewing process of potential new employees 

•Hire and retain qualified employees to achieve the goals and objectives of the company

•Create and Implement onboarding activities for all new employees to the organization to impart proper training and development.

•Ensure all new employees are equipped with the skills and knowledge required of their particular department and facilitate and maintain calendar of training time with new employee and department head.

•Provide proper rules, regulations, policies, and disciplinary procedures with regards to the team.

•Provide counseling on policies and procedures.

•Develop and enforce the Employee Code of Conduct and resolve disciplinary issues in an effective manner.

•Maintain and Manage all employee certifications, required licenses, & continuing education

•Assist with the performance management and review process; ensure that employees are productive and meet the goals and objectives of the organization.

•Help logistics team ensure staffing needs are being met

•Enhance company culture and employee retention efforts; identify any shortcomings within the organization and address these shortcomings effectively.

•Review employment and working conditions to ensure legal compliance

•Manage employee vacation calendar

•Administer and manage all employee benefits

Our ideal candidate will have a Bachelor’s degree in Business, Human Resources, or equivalent combination of education and experience preferred, having familiarity with the Event Production industry, and the ability to plan, organize, and delegate tasks and activities.

If you think this sounds like you, please apply here: