We are the creators,
the makers, the risk-takers, determined enough
to make the moments that #CreateCulture.
We show up, work hard,
and stay to the end. We make it happen,
we bring our heart, and we make problems disappear.
We live for a challenge, and we create
meaningful experiences
[large and small] that suspend disbelief, even for an instant.
We are passionate, genuine,
and fiercely devoted to our clients and craft.
We Are Music Matters.
Events large and small, we’ve seen and worked with them all.
From corporate meetings, to full festival production...
major life events to arena concerts, we’ve worked
across the spectrum of event production. 
We have knowledgeable and creative professionals in audio,
video, staging, and lighting working for our team that
bring these events to life.
When the pieces all come together and
it’s finally show-time, the passion and
love for what we do shines through.
Our shop houses some of the top audio, video,
rigging/staging, and lighting gear around.
to our team, it’s beyond what’s cool…it’s what’s next.
Our gear is available for rental
for any event, any time, anywhere.
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Our clients and partners keep our world going 'round,
and we think we work with some of the best in the biz.