Now Available for Rental:
Stageline SL320 & SL260

Stages & Team will Travel

Brand new to the MMP inventory,
our state-of-the-art Stageline SL320 & SL260 mobile stages feature:


• 40’x40′ Covered Floor Space
• Optional Wings to Create 72’x40′ Useable Space
• Support for 18’x10′ LED walls
• 4-hour Set-Up & Low Labor Expenses


• 32’x24′ Covered Floor Space
• Optional Wings for an additional 12’x24′ of useable, covered space
• 2-hour Set-Up & Low Labor Expenses
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Extension Layouts

Full Wings

SL260 Banner Specs

SL320 Banner Specs

SL260 Tech Drawings

SL320 Tech Drawings